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missmelysseOct. 29th, 2007 06:07 pm MLS & REGION CHANGING

Folks -

Just wanted to make sure y'all knew that not only did the lovely and talented ReinaCriss take over as Fort Worth ML this year (and arrange both kickoffs) but Squee23 has stepped forward and volunteered to head up the Dallas side of things.

As well, AllyPat will be the point person for Arlington / Mid Cities though she's not hooked up as an ML officially just yet.

There's a thread on the DFW boards about this, and asking for everyone to weigh in on whether to split the forum from 2008 onward (it's too late to do so this year, even if we want to.) If you have an opinion, please go post it there.

FINALLY, if you've noticed the incredibly slow speed of the NANOWRIMO.org forum, please note that they are working on it, but if you're only interested in READING and not RESPONDING you can browse without logging in and it's amazingly quick.

My username at NaNo this year is MissMelyesse.

Happy Halloween. And happy writing.

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