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Sometimes you need More than Creativity Alone - DFW Nanoers

elfiedawnOct. 14th, 2008 09:36 pm Sometimes you need More than Creativity Alone

We had a meeting today. I wasn't in the cheeriest mood because I'd been reading the ending to a murder mystery that I'd figured out the ending to halfway through--and what a sad, twisted ending it was--but couldn't put down because I had to make certain my solution proved correct, and the characters were so very engaging. Have you heard of the Lynley series? It's written by Elizabeth George. They've made movies of her novels which I've seen on PBS. Hence I'm now reading the books.

Despite the sad and twisted ending meetings always cheer me up. And the story crit was fun. Illuminating as well, because others had seen the flash piece from a completely alternate view point. Funny how a group of people can all read something and see different things. After that we looked at an article by Randy Ingermanson on The Snowflake Method.

This reminded me of what a friend taught me about summarizing my work down into a sentence. That worked so well, that I'm pretty certain this method will yield results. The idea of writing pages of character descriptions with facts about the characters down to their birth dates makes me a little leary because I've never done that before. I've always tried the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants method... and where has that gotten me? A lot of abandoned stories. heh. So organization should certainly help! Besides, he encourages you to mold the method to work with your own processes, so I'm certain that by the time November rolls around I'll have a plan of action regarding my forthcoming novella.

Step one was rather easy for me, although I feel as if I cheated by copying the time travel idea he gave as an example, but mine uses it for a completely different goal. The sentence I came up with? A rogue time jumper fleeing authority manages to erase her own existence. Everyone in the group seemed to like it. I mean really like it. My eyes went round with surprise as they all began talking excitedly. I'd come up with a secondary idea: A young fairy cursed by her lineage attempts to live as a human. But no one was as thrilled. They seem to link fairies with Hamilton's work, which is very steamy, although that would not have been my choice at all. For one thing she's not a Princess, she'd be trying to live as a human, not conceive an heir. But it doesn't matter. I can always write that one later. :)

So I have a nano idea! Woot! And a method for creating an outline. I'm pretty happy. Now if I could just get caught up on a friend and fellow wrinker's crit! No idea how I'm going to juggle in November between writing 1,667 words a day, criting a chapter of his each week, the nano write-ins, and my television addiction! It's going to be a busy month!

So have you heard about Nano? 50k in 30 days. 1,667 words per day. It's doable and challenging. You've always wanted to write a novel, haven't you? So why don't you join up and try for it? [/end recruitment speech. heh.] All my usual friends from nano are taking part again, as well as Yana, who I'm happy to welcome to the madness! She joined the forum already and if you're tempted to join us then you should really go have a look at the forum. There's a chance that a party will be held in your area and then there are the write-ins as well. If nothing else you'll meet some great new friends! [ok, so obviously that wasn't truly the end of the recruitment speech. But it's done now. Promise.]

It rained today, and more than once! Gray clouds all day. A nice change, really. We're well into fall here. It almost makes me miss the bright sunshine and heat. Ha. And then I realize that I'm crazy.

Have a good one! And Join Nano!!!!

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